Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Fanciest Place in Miami

There's not a lot of places to go or things to do here in Miami, but there are a few unique places to visit. The Coleman Theater is hands down the fanciest place in Miami. It will catch your attention as you drive by, but it's the inside that is super elaborate. From the chandlers to the old balcony seats, it's kinda like taking a step back in time. The theater was opened in 1929 to a full house of 1,600 at $1.00 a seat. If I understand correctly, it's stayed open ever since. I've only been inside once and that was to see the high school musical last fall, but I do hope to go again.
*I didn't take these pictures myself. I found them on the Coleman's website.


Julie said...

you should nominate miami for channel 5's road tour this summer! :)

mgoff said...

Do you know that I was once and extra in a ballet at that theater! In high school of course! Funny!

Amanda Isaacs said...

Julie, if they came, would you guys come with them??? If so I'll nominate Miami right now!

Mindy, that's so neat! I think you need to bring that video to Leslie's for Labor Day!