Monday, July 13, 2009

Miami Flood July 2007

Shortly after Chad moved to Miami, there was a major flood. I remember talking with him on the phone and when he would say flood I was picturing a few inches up on the curb. I didn't really grasp how bad it was until I came to help him clean things up. When I saw the waterline that was about 4 1/2 feet high on his garage door I started to realize... Thankfully he was only renting the place where he was staying and he was able to get most of his stuff out without any damage. Others weren't so fortunate. These are a couple of pictures from the flood. The one on the left is on one of the main streets in Miami (there are only two main streets, Steve Owens and Main St). The waterline is just high enough where it looks like the can on the billboard is pouring it out. The other picture puts the level in perspective, you can see the same billboard on the right side of the picture...along with hotel rooftops on the left side.

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