Sunday, July 19, 2009

Perfect Weather for Fun!

So the weather this weekend was incredible! We spent most of the weekend outside soaking it all up. Friday night we went to Buffalo Run Casino (that's where they have all the major events here in Miami). They were having a big biker rally here in Miami and we went to check it out. Those type of things are always a little interesting to me. All sorts of people are there. They had some guy there doing bike stunts, but it was going to be $15 each to get we decided to watch the stunts from outside the gate for free. The picture above is of the guy doing a really big jump while on fire.

Saturday we took some great curvy roads on the motorcycle over to Bentenville, AR. There's this really good pizza place there called Johnny Brusco's. We stopped in for lunch and then headed back for our softball games.

Sunday was so fun! We went back to in it! I can't even tell you how much we are enjoying going to this church! I'll try to recap the service was really good. After church we went to Coconut's, a new restaurant in Joplin that I've really wanted to try. I think I may have another favorite place to eat. YUM! Originally we were going to see Harry Potter after church. However, after we had such great weather on Saturday, Chad suggested we go canoeing instead. That was a no-brainer. Harry Potter can wait. So, after lunch we headed over to Cowskin (where we always float on Labor Day) to rent a canoe and we went down the Elk River. It was so fun! The weather was perfect and it was so peaceful out there. It was such a great date!

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