Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can you see it?

Look closely! Can you see it?

Yes! There are two lines. Very, very faint, but definitely 2 lines!!!

I had gone to the doctor on Wednesday, January 12th. I was told that I wasn't pregnant, but that it still might be a little early to tell. My doctor talked with me a while about the next steps. We were going to bump up the dose of Clomid (the medicine that will make me ovulate) for the next round and see if that helped. Well, no need for that. :) I woke up EARLY on Saturday and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and took a test. I was still half asleep and I kept squinting and staring at the stick. My eyes weren't adjusted yet. Was that really a second line?!? Yep! I ran into the bedroom and tackled Chad. We are both thrilled!

This was one of the cheap tests I bought at Check out the site, they have lots of really cheap ovulation tests and pregnancy tests. I took another regular test (not the cheap kind) a couple of days later and it was positive!

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Kendra said...

AMANDA!!! I am so incredibly, beyond wonds excited for you and Chad!! I look forward to reading about baby's progress and wish you a blessed pregnancy!!! Take care little mama!!

Amanda Isaacs said...

Thanks Kendra!!!