Thursday, February 10, 2011

6 weeks

January 23rd. 6 WEEKS!!! I think...

I went to the doctor on January 24th to fill out all the paperwork and do some blood work. She told me I was 6 weeks and my estimated due date was September 19th. I think it should be a little later than that. I think I'm actually 5 weeks, but I'm just going to go with what they said.

Symptoms: Oh my word! I've never been this tired. Seriously. I can't keep my eyes open. I also have to go to the bathroom all the time. The other major symptom I have is that my boobs are soooo sore. I'm not going to write about that one from week to week, but it's an obvious symptom. I kinda like having all of these symptoms. I told Chad I thought I'd want to keep taking pregnancy tests all the time just to make sure, but really I don't feel the need. I feel pregnant and that's comforting.

Food: I'm super hungry. I've been eating a lot of salty stuff, especially chips and salsa.

Baby: He/She is the size of a blueberry (1/4 inch). The biggest growth this week is the baby's head. New brain cells are being generated at the rate of 100 cells per minute. That's pretty incredible. I love that I have this little miracle going on inside of me. This is the coolest thing ever!

Thoughts: I am sooo excited! It's taken longer than I thought it would, but that's generally how everything in my life goes. Haha. It seems like there's always something great behind a struggle. God has blessed me so much! I am so thankful.

I started feeling nauseated at the end of the week. I found these and they help a little. I don't think they are a miracle cure for nausea, but it's a flavor that I can tolerate and it momentarily helps me get rid of the nasty taste I have in my mouth all the time. I think of these more as candy, not nausea medicine. The raspberry flavor is pretty good. Way better than ginger candy.

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