Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Buys

Best snack in the world - I love Sam's Cinnamon sugar pretzels! They are soooo good. I think they are even better than the ones from Antie Ann's in the mall...and they are only 97 cents. This is my treat pretty much every time I go to Joplin. If you haven't had one yet, you're missing out.

Bath and Body Works - I've been trying not to spend money and it's been pretty easy, especially since there aren't any stores in Miami. However, I knew it was time for their big sale. I decided I wouldn't go, but then I got this email today for an extra $10 off and I couldn't resist any more. I got some really good deals. These little votive candles were only 31 cents! I'm burning one right now and it smells really good! :) Feel free to click on the link and use the coupon too.

JoAnn's Fabric - JoAnn's is also having a huge sale. I've been hearing great things about these scissors and I've been wanting a pair. However, they were a little more that I wanted to spend. Well, here's another coupon that saved me some money! I went ahead and bought them and I can't wait to try them out! They are special scissors that you use for appliques.

Softball - Last night we had a couple of softball games. This is a pic from before the games. We did pretty bad and lost both...oh well.
I'm going to go test out my new scissors and make something. I hope you are all having a great week!

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