Monday, June 29, 2009


This was such a fun weekend! Friday night Chad worked late and we just ordered pizza and watched a movie. Saturday we went to Tiffany's wedding (a girl that Chad works with). This was a picture we took before we left. Then we had a nice lunch out and softball games later that night. We had an hour break between our softball games and decided to try our luck. We had received a promotional flier (spellcheck just told me it was flier, not flyer??? Is that right?) earlier in the week for a local car dealership. They were giving away several prizes, including a new truck. So we stopped by...yes we were incredibly sweaty and dirty from playing softball and I'm sure we probably didn't smell that great either. It was a little embarrassing, but since Chad's truck hasn't been running for a while, we thought we needed to give it a shot and that was the only time we could go. The lady that was working with us asked us all sorts of questions and I'm sure she could tell we weren't there to buy a vehicle. She was surprised to learn how many miles both of our vehicles had and said "so you're probably going to be looking for something soon." I said "Oh no. I plan on driving mine until it dies." She got the idea and moved on to Chad. He told her he walks to work and doesn't really need a vehicle. Then he confessed that we just came by because we had a little time to kill between games and we wanted to see if we won anything. Poor girl, she was getting a dead end every way she turned. We didn't win the truck, but we did get a Walmart gift card. I'm not sure how much is on it, but the lady that gave it to us said most of them were $5.

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