Monday, June 29, 2009


Sunday we went to First Christian Church in Miami followed by a matinee showing of Transformers 2. It was such a nice day out, so Chad and I went for a bike ride. He took me somewhere a little past Baxter Spring, KS. There's a little gas station/diner with an old tow truck out front. This is the tow truck that inspired the creation of Tow Mater. While we were there, the guy that runs the diner part came by and told us all about it and I'm glad he did. He took us inside and let us look around. It was so neat! Here are a few of the pictures we took.


mom to 3 boys! said...

You made my boys' day with the pictures of Mater!! I was looking at it and they were walking by. They asked to see it all day long! What a fun day!

Amanda Isaacs said...

Great! My nephew was way into the movie cars. I thought he might enjoy the pics. I'm so glad your boys did too!