Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend '09

Here's a glimpse of our weekend....
The flowers my wonderful husband surprised me with. I used to not really care about getting flowers...that's changed. I love getting flowers!!!! These smell really good too.

We were given 4 tickets to the OU/Texas Tech basketball game for Saturday. I was so excited when Chad called to ask me if I wanted to go. I hadn't had a chance to watch Blake Griffin play in person yet. Here's one of the pics I got of him... sorry it's so blurry.
Well, that's where our adventure began. We tried to find some people to give the other 2 tickets to, but we didn't have any luck. We figured we might as well get some money back for the guy that gave us the tickets. So when we got to the Lloyd Noble Center, I rolled down my window to sell some guy the tickets. The transaction went well until I tried to roll my window back up. It was stuck. We tried using the drivers side buttons, nothing worked. After we parked, Chad pulled off the door panels and tried to get it to go back up, but again, no luck. He explained that he didn't just drive 4 hours to sit in the parking lot. We needed to go watch the game....I was having a hard time understanding what we were going to do with all of our stuff. (We were planning on spending the night at my parents house, so we had all of our clothes and bathroom stuff in my car.) He suggested that I just try to hide it as best as I could. I told him to go on inside, and I'd meet up with him in a few minutes. I was sorta having a nervous breakdown on the inside. I thought whatever we left in my car wouldn't be there when we got back since my window was down. I thought they might even take the car too. I was ok with that, but then I started thinking...what if they stole some papers that have our information on it. I'm probably over-paranoid about this because I don't really understand how identity theft works. I just knew I didn't want to have to deal with it. So I started gathering up all the papers in my car...everything from insurance to doctor's bills to bank statements....I know, the car is probably not the best place to keep those things. I've learned that now. I was frantically cramming everything I could into my purse. Then I started thinking of other things I didn't want to have my planner and bc pills. So I packed my purse full of as much stuff as I could carry and went to meet up with Chad and watch the game. At this point I'm a little shaky....I'm ok with someone stealing my car. What I'm not ok with is this big mess in my purse. Messy things stress me out. Especially messy purses. My mom understands this. Whenever she's driving, she usually hands me her huge, heavy purse that's crammed full and asks me if I can find her chapstick. AGGGHHHH! I don't know what it is. It's ok if things are a little messy, but I can't handle it when things are disorganized. Anyway, I was eventually able to settle down and we had a blast at the game. When we walked to the car afterwards, everything was exactly like we left it. I was pretty surprised, and relieved.

We stayed at my parents house Saturday night and then left for Miami on Sunday. Chad got some stuff to cover my window for the drive home and fixed it all up. I'm so glad he takes care of that kind of stuff. I didn't even have to mess with any of it. It held up for a while, but as we were driving on the turnpike, it slowly started coming off. We stopped a few times and he patched it up, but I don't think anything could have really held it together for the whole ride. It was super windy. About the time we got to Tulsa, it was pretty much shot. It was super loud and FREEZING cold, but we finally made it home in a little over 3 hours. In the video, I'm yelling as loud as I could. We both had earplugs in so that definitely helped. There wasn't much left to do but laugh about it. I'm glad he was such a good sport about the whole thing. I wish that would rub off on me a little more. My nerves were pretty much shot.

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mgoff said...

Amanda, this is hilarious. What is wrong with your window? Were you frozen and dramatic? I hope Chad got to see your old lady walk!