Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Danielle's Baby, iphone, car...

Danielle's baby - Jackson was born last weekend and it's killing me that I couldn't be there for his arrival. I'm really hoping we can come visit him this weekend. I've seen a few pictures on facebook and he looks so cute. I can't wait to hear all about it.

iphone - I've been holding onto my Christmas money for a while now, waiting to buy a new iphone. My contract date with At&t is finally up this Friday...which means I can get a discount on a new phone! Best Buy is running a special with their rewards program. If you are a rewards member (free to join) you can get a $50 discount on an iphone, but the offer expires this Saturday. Perfect timing! I should be able to get my new phone for $150 which is pretty incredible considering all that it does. The new ones even have a built in navigation system! Awesome!

Car - Chad's been working with my windows. All of them are up now except the rear passenger window. Hopefully he can get the last one up soon. I think we decided that if it won't go up that he'll just shove something in the door panel so it will just stay wedged up. The problem is, we don't want to spend a lot of money to get it fixed because my car isn't really worth that much. However, I'd like to drive it as long as I possibly can and get the most use out of it. As long as he can get my window up, I'm fine with the fact that they may never roll back down. The drivers side window still works and that's really the only one I ever use anyway. It's been really nice outside the last week and a half, so I've just been walking home from school. It's about 2 miles, so I've been counting that as my excercise since I can't drive to the gym. It's worked out well. I hope my car will be drivable by this weekend though.

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