Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First non-OKC haircut

I finally got my haircut last Saturday! It had been over 6 months since my last haircut. I tried a few times to get an appt in OKC, but it just didn't work out. Last week I decided it was beyond time for a haircut and I was just going to have to break down and try someone new. This makes me soooo nervous. I've had a couple of terrible haircuts here and there (particularly the one in 9th grade), so it takes me a while to get used to someone new and trust them with my hair. Anyway, I asked Stacy and Mindy for their recommendations since they're both from Joplin. I figured the bigger the city, the better chance I have of picking someone stylish. Totally judgemental, I know, but some of the people around here don't really seem to know much about style...or care for that matter. Not that I'm all that up on fashion either, but I'm used to living in a city that is a little more style conscious and being around people that can tell me what looks good. Anyway, I called and the person Mindy recommended could get me in that Saturday, so I went with her. I miss going to my regular hair place and having Candice do my hair, but I think this girl did a good job too. I will continue to use her while I'm in Miami. Thanks for the referral Mindy. I'll try to add a picture soon.

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