Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stone's Corner Pharmacy

I'm so proud of Chad and all of his hard work with the pharmacy! He works so hard and does a great job. The pharmacy looks really pretty at night. I love the Christmas lights around the edge of the building. I'm still trying to figure out the settings, these are kinda rough pics. I hope to replace them with some better ones soon.
This is the sign. I took it from the back of the parking lot. It is soooo bright. I love it.

This is of the whole building. I'll take some more sometime when the parking lot isn't full and it isn't freezing outside. :) I left the shutter open for a longer time on this one to let more light in. The problem is...the longer I leave it open, the whiter the sign is. That's why it's a little washed out in this pic. I've still got a lot to learn with my camera, but I LOVE it!

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