Friday, December 10, 2010

My big stinkin bargain!

Chad only drinks DDP...he drinks A LOT of it. In fact, a huge chunk of our grocery budget goes to buying his pop. I'm always excited when I can find it on sale, but I've NEVER found a deal this sweet. I just bought 45 2-liters!!!! I'm hoping it will last a month. Scroll down to see how much I paid (and saved).

I'm wondering if Chad's going to think I'm crazy when he gets home and sees all of this. Haha.

You gotta stock up on the good deals, right?

And no, the pop isn't out of date :)

The grand total.....$12.61!!!!! That's not all, I also got a $5 gift certificate to use next week. If you subtract that, its like I paid $7.61. That's about $0.17 per 2 liter!!! I love saving money!

Normally I wouldn't take so many pictures of pop, but I'm loving my new camera :)

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