Monday, October 6, 2008

My first call to 911

First of all, I'm sorry I don't have pictures to go along with this one. I wish you could have witnessed this one go down... So last night, Chad decided he was going to fix our kitchen sink. It's been leaky for a while now. Our water out here smells pretty bad and stale stinky water smells even worse. Anyway, our house is pretty old and things aren't set up like they would be in a typical house. Normally there would be a shut off valve to turn the water off under the sink, but not at our house. There wasn't a place to shut it off, but Chad was determined to fix the sink anyway. He was carefully working on loosening the faucet when all of the sudden it came off of the hose...(or something like that...thankfully I wasn't the one with my head under the sink, so I didn't really know what was going on.) So hot water is starting to spew out everywhere really fast...our conversation continued something like this...
Amanda: Oh crap! What do we do?
Chad: Go grab some towels or something.
Chad: This is getting really hot. I don't know how long I can hold it.
Amanda: What do we do?
Chad: I don't know but we gotta do something. I'm going to need you to hold this (the water hose) while I figure out how do shut this off.
Amanda: Chad, but I just washed my hair....(I really shouldn't have said that. I didn't realize how bad it was. I thought he was just going to have me hold the hose while he turned a knob and I didn't want to get all gross.)
Amanda: Do you want me to call Bill or something.
Chad: No. I guess call 911.
Amanda: 911!?! Really? (I always associated 911 with life or death emergencies)
Chad: I don't know who else to call.
So then I called 911.
911: 911, What's your emergency?
Amanda: Um, our house is flooding really bad and I need someone to shut off the water.
911: Ok, is the water leaking on the inside or outside?
Amanda: Inside, but we need someone to shut off the water thing on the outside. It's by the curb.
911: Ok, I'll try to send someone over.
So then we waited and waited. Chad had been holding the hose that was full of scalding hot water for quite a while.
Chad: We gotta think of something.
Amanda: Like what?
Chad: I don't know just pray.
So then I prayed
Chad had a great idea to turn on all the other water faucets and the washing machine. This was a great idea. Our water pressure is pretty weak whenever we have water flowing out of more than one place. Then he told me how to adjust the hot water tank/heater thing to where it would only run cold water. These things made a huge difference. I was able to then hold the hose while Chad worked on things. We were still waiting on the firemen or whoever comes out for those calls. It seemed like it was taking forever. Chad made another call and was able to figure out how to shut the water off. About an hour and a half later, a city worker came by to help. Chad had already fixed the problem and we were cleaning up by then...I don't think they were in much of a hurry. Thanks to Chad's quick thinking, we were able to keep the water under control. It didn't flood anything and it didn't even get to the carpet. All of the water stayed on the linoleum floor in the kitchen and was pretty easy to wipe up. It was a pretty comical night.


Musings Of My World... said...

Oh Amanda, how I love your posts! I can just imagine the whole thing happening. What I would have loved to have seen was Chad's face when you told him you just washed your hair...priceless!

danielle said...

oh my word! that is funny. i mean i am sure it was not funny at all when it was happening!

Dara Steward said...

lol.... this is good stuff! Thank God for quick-thinking husbands. I know Ryan has kept us out of a lot of potentially terrible situations. Way to go Chad! And Amanda, I understand your concern about your hair because I know the time it takes to dry and straighten it. :o)