Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Great Weekend

Chad's dad called Saturday morning to invite us to meet up with them at the Tulsa Fair after the OU game. We were excited to go! When we got there early in the evening the parking was a mess. We decided to park down the street in Reasor's parking lot. Since we needed to stop there to get some steak seasoning anyway, we thought this would be the best option. However, when we arrived, we saw that there were security people all over the place. One of the cops stopped me to ask me if I was planning on going to the fair (he was ready to kick me out)...I told him I needed to go in Reasor's and after answering about 15 questions he let me park. It was a huge ordeal. Then some man chased us down in the parking lot and told us if we didn't buy a $5 parking pass, they would tow my car. I found this to be really irritating. I was a customer, didn't I have a right to park my car there for free? Can you only park your car in a lot for a certain amount of time? How are they going to know if we go to the fair? I was getting frustrated because I didn't know what we should do. On one hand, I thought it was completely ridiculous to have to pay to park there...but on the other hand, I was going to be really mad if we came back and my car was gone. We decided to take our chances and forgo the parking pass. Thankfully, when we came back, my car was still there. I'm glad we went, and I'm glad we got to spend some time with his family while we were there.

Sunday, we decided to watch lifechurch online. I's important to meet with other Christians and build those relationships. That's something that we both desire, but we just haven't found a place here that we're really excited about yet. This was the first week we stayed at home and watched lifechurch. I really miss it. Hopefully we'll find our church home here soon.

I think this was probably the best Sunday afternoon I've had here. Chad grilled us some steak and it was sooooo good! I think he's mastered grilling steak! I can't even explain how good it was! It was so nice of him to cook for me too. I loved it. Later that afternoon, we watched the Cowboy's game and then went outside and played corn hole...aka bean bag toss. It was such a great day! If only the weekends could be a little longer.

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Dara Steward said...

Those steaks do look good! I'm glad you are enjoying married life!