Friday, July 22, 2011

Window shade

Here's a better pic of the fabric covered roller shade. My mom and Keely did an awesome job on it. I didn't really want to buy blinds to put up, but I needed something behind the curtain to block out the light so that I could keep the curtains open. I found a couple of ideas on pinterest. The first thing we tried was painting the shade. Well, it ended up a little splotchy, so we moved on to the next idea which was covering it in fabric. I found this print last week on clearance at JC Penny's. It's actually from a twin sheet set, but it matched perfectly. My mom and Keely sprayed the shade down with adhesive and then carefully and smoothly covered it with the fabric. Then they flipped it over to glue the edges around the back. I think it turned out so cute. I love it. AND it was a lot less expensive than buying cordless blinds would have been.

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oh my goodness, that is SO cute!!! You need to fill me in on the details of this project!!!