Saturday, October 30, 2010

Agghhh Crap!

So last week I got to go shopping with my mom and aunt in Okc. While I was there I took a load of clothes to the resale shop and used the money to buy a new pair of jeans. Well, I wore them to school on Friday (jeans day) and was going about my day...until 2nd hour. I was in the middle of giving a quiz when all of the sudden I herd a "pling" and felt my pants button popped off. They were all busy working and I don't think any of them noticed the pure panic that was on my face.

Thankfully I was wearing a long shirt and the teacher next door had a safety pin that I could use. I took the jeans back to the Buckle last weekend and they were able to fix them! I made them promise that it wouldn't happen again.
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