Saturday, January 23, 2010


I know this is nerdy, but I really love vacuuming! It's funny that I say that because my mom used to wake us all up super early on Saturdays with the vacuum. I would be snuggled in bed sound asleep lost in my dreams and I'd wake up every week to the loud roaring vacuum. That was her 'subtle' signal to us that it was time to get up and start cleaning. It used to drive me nuts! Now though, I really love to vacuum, especially with my new vacuum! I saved all my gift cards, coupons, and Christmas money and purchased a Dyson Ball! If you're looking for a new vacuum, I highly recommend this one! My favorite part is how the handle pulls up and the hose with attachments can reach up to like 17 feet! I can clean the ceiling! This thing is amazing! I love it and so does my allergies!
While we're on the topic of floors, I also highly recommend this, the Bissell Steam Mop Deluxe. This was one of my Christmas presents that I was super excited about. I can quickly and easily clean the tile in the kitchen and bathroom with this thing! It only uses water, but with the steam it completly cleans the floors with no harsh cleaners or chemicals. There's never any residue and the floors are never sticky. I really like the fact that I never have to buy anything else to go with it. It comes with 2 removable pads that are washable. Again, if you're looking for something that does a great job and will last a long time...check this one out. I love it!


danielle said...

this post is VERY amanda! it made me smile. and i am very intrigued with that mop. i think that might make mopping our kitchen even easier!! i will have to look into it!

Traci Anne said...

I love this vacuum!!

Dara Steward said...

Yes, Dan I agree. Very Amanda (and Bobbie) post. How does it do on the grout? I may have to look into one eventually with 2 little boys in a bathroom! Right now I am so happy with my vinegar solution that does wood and tile alike. :o)

New house pics soon?!