Saturday, April 9, 2011

16 Weeks!

16 Weeks!
Sunday, April 3rd - Saturday, April 9th

I really feel great this week! I love it! I'm so excited and I can hardly wait to see this baby! Chad's birthday was Tuesday and his parents and grandparents came up to celebrate. It was great to see everyone. I'm so thankful that even though we don't live in the same cities as our parents, we only live a few hours away.

My favorite thing this week is the Nature Valley Almond Granola Bars...they are so tasty!

Our baby is the size of an avocado this week, about 5 inches long. His or her eyes are making small side-to-side moments and can even perceive some light. He/She is also sharpening his/her sucking and swallowing skills. Within the next week or so, the pads on our baby's fingertips and toes will become adorned with completely individual swirls and creases...fingerprints.

I had an appointment on Monday and they checked the heartbeat again...she said it sounded great! They also scheduled my ultrasound!!!! It will be Thursday, April 28th. I can't wait! I haven't decided how we'll tell everyone. I love what several of you have done with the cake...the color of the cake or icing inside reveals the gender. However, since our families don't live in Joplin with us, I don't think we'll do that. I'd like to do something creative, but I think I'll probably be so excited that I'll just blurt it out....we'll see.

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danielle said...

oh my gosh, your ultrasound is super soon! i cant wait!!