Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bikes Blues and BBQ

Last weekend Chad and I took the motorcycle to Fayetteville, AR. Every year they have this big event called Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. Chad's been a few times, but this was my first time to go. We both had a great time. I heard someone say that there were around 400,000 people that came this year. I've never seen so many motorcycles in my life. There were all sorts of people there and all sorts of bikes. It was kinda like being at the fair. There were food booths everywhere with really good food. There were live bands playing in all along Dixson Street. We also got to watch a couple of guys do some stunts. It was so much fun...especially the ride down there and back. The roads in Arkansas are a lot more fun than the flat straight roads in Oklahoma. Here are a couple of the pictures we took.

I'm not sure what this is but there were several of them. I think they look pretty fun.

I think this was the Hillbilly's motorcycle. Check out the seats.

This guy was obviously a Razorback's fan. I wish we would have caught it in the picture, but when he rode by he was doing the horns down sign...Arkansas played Texas that day. Speaking of...OU is #1 right now!!!!! One of the best things I heard last week was when Chad yelled across the house that USC lost!!!! I just really don't like USC or coach Pete for that matter. Anyway...back to Arkansas...

One last picture...pictures after riding aren't my best look. Hope you all are having a great week. We miss you!

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Robin said...

Jeff was reading this post with me, and he said the unidentified motor vehicle was, in fact, a riding lawnmower...Your trip looked like a lot of fun!! Glad you're so good at frequently posting!