Monday, September 12, 2011


So I guess my form of nesting is making things instead of cleaning. The house isn't too clean and I really have no desire to clean it. It's too difficult to bend over at this point. So instead of cleaning I've been in a big cooking & crafting mood. I love that I'm not at work and that I have time to do fun stuff!
Here's what I've been up to...

Blake's coming home outfit

Burp cloths...I made them where they'll roll up and tie. Some are out of my shirts and some are out of fabric and cloth diapers, like the one pictured...

Goodies for the hospital...Oreos dipped in mint chocolate with a B for Blake :)

...and I have another item, but it won't be complete till Blake's here so you'll have to wait.
I've also been stocking up on freezer meals. I think I'm making up for the last few months when I've done absolutely no cooking.
I go back to the doctor on Wednesday...if there's no change, she'll schedule an induction. Either way, he should be here in the next week or so!!!

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mgoff said...

amanda, those burp cloths are so cute! You are getting so close!

Amanda Isaacs said...

Thanks! I wish you were closer and could come join me!