Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Putting a Hold on Sewing

Sunday's sermon was titled You Can't Handle it All.

Last weekend I really needed some rest, but I felt like I had so many things to do. I needed to work on school stuff and lesson plans. I also needed to finish two quilt orders from my etsy store, along with several other things. I was planning on sleeping in Saturday, but that didn't work out too well since Chad had to work. I was wide awake by the time he left, which means I didn't get to catch up on sleep at all. Now I was going to be exhausted for another week. My allergies were going crazy and I didn't feel well at all. I was not in the greatest mood. I was stressed because I felt like I had all of this stuff I needed to do.
Sunday's sermon was exactly what I needed to hear. One of the key points was that some things need to stop. I seem to like to make myself too busy sometimes. I know I miss out on a lot of opportunities by distracting myself with my to-do know me and lists, I have a list for everything. I need to be more focused in how I spend my time. I need to evaluate what's really important and what I feel like God is calling me to do. I need to decide what stuff is cluttering up my life and my time. One of those things is making quilts. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy sewing. I loved doing it this summer and I hope to sew more later on down the line. However, with school starting and everything else that's going on, I've decided to stop for a while. It's too much. I don't want to spend my time being stressed over it. I need to have a day to relax and be refreshed in order to be my best.

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