Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 2009

So I've been a little too preoccupied with my iphone and have started to neglect my blog I guess. That and I really don't feel like I have anything exciting to write about, so I haven't really kept up. Um here are my random thoughts at the moment...

1. I'm still looking for something to do this summer. I've pretty much settled on working at a store in Joplin. I think that would be fun and it will give me a break from teaching. I would also really love to do something from home that I could continue to do throughout the school stuff envelopes or something, I don't know. I just haven't found anything like that out there. If you know of anything, let me know.

2. Hopefully Chad will get his stitches out tomorrow and we can get back to working out soon.

3. 3 weeks and 4 days left with students! Summer can't get here soon enough. It's like this everywhere, not just in Miami, but at the end of school all the teachers are stressing out about testing and all the students are already checked out...they're restless and ready to quit. It drives me nuts! I'm trying not to stress.

4. We're really hoping Chad's motorcycle sells soon. We thought we had it sold a while back, but the guy kinda flaked out, so we still have it.

5. I'm a big Dave Ramsey fan, if you don't know already. I've been downloading his free podcasts to my iphone and listening to them when I drive. I sorta feel like my dad. He always listens to talk radio in his truck. It used to drive me nuts, but I really enjoy it now. Anyway, I recommend them. It kinda keeps me motivated and focused on what we're doing.

6. My friend Robin told me about some great skincare products. The brand is Mario Badescu. I went to the website and took the skin survey and they sent me several samples of their products. I then went to Nordstrom's in Dallas and picked up a few more samples. They don't sell the stuff anywhere around here, but they do have it at The Make Up Bar on the north side of OKC or you can order it online. Anyway, I ended up buying some stuff there the last time I came to OKC and I love it! It's very reasonably priced. I bought two different face washes and they were somewhere around $12 each. You should really try least get some free samples from the website.

7. I'll be in OKC on Friday, May 15th for the Reaching Souls Banquet. Hopefully I'll get to see some of you that are in OKC while I'm there. Reaching Souls is the ministry that my brother works for now. You should check out their website. They have an incredible ministry!

8. A year ago from last Sunday Chad proposed to me! I love being married to him! We are so blessed! I'm so glad we had a short engagement too. I can't imagine being engaged a whole year. I don't know how some of you do it!

9. Chad and I went to Fayetteville Friday night. We didn't get to make it in time for his sister's graduation ceremony, but we did get to hang out and have dinner with everyone. We stayed in Fayetteville and spent the day Saturday just driving around and looking at the pretty scenery, dreaming of where we might be some fun!

10. I feel like I need to have a list of 10 things to make this blog complete. Have a great week!

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